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Late night walks through history and more, as the coyote howls at the desert moon.

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Wednesday Oct 28, 2020

Reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s Masque of the Red Death by narrator Maryanne M. Wells. Happy Halloween!

Thursday Jul 09, 2020

It’s the last bit of our mosey through the history of the Texas Panhandle! So let’s go back, way back, and talk about Alibates.

Wednesday Apr 08, 2020

Step back in time to Old Tascosa, home of the Wild West. Grab a drink in the saloon, check out the dancing girls, but keep your gun with you...and whatever you do, DON’T DATE SALLY!

Wednesday Mar 25, 2020

You won’t believe how the largest ranch in Texas was run, or how it got started! Let’s go back in time and visit the vast XIT Ranch.   www.maryannewells.com

Wednesday Mar 11, 2020

Meet Charles Goodnight, the Father of the Panhandle. The rancher with the most lasting impact on our culture. Also, your beloved narrator picks a fight with Wikipedia over a herd of buffalo.

Tuesday Feb 25, 2020

Last episode we met buffalo hunter Billy Dixon. In this episode, Billy Dixon fights the Second Battle of Adobe Walls and the Battle of Buffalo Wallow, and the federal government learns that once you award a man a medal you can’t take it back. Music: Maryanne Wells, vocals. James Gardner, piano. www.maryannewells.com Remember to like and subscribe!

Wednesday Feb 12, 2020

Is Amarillo, Texas really an Old West town? Writer Maryanne Wells talks about the cowboy and ranching history of this piece of the American Southwest. In episode 1, meet buffalo hunter Billy Dixon. Music: Maryanne Wells, vocals. James Gardner, piano.   Webpage: www.maryannewells.com.

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